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Hello!  Hope you’re all having a great day!

We all struggle with motivation to get up and work out (at least I know I do!).  Most of the time, I prefer to stay in bed watching Netflix than go to the gym, however, I do want to take care of my health. There’s no denying that physical exercise, no matter what kind, is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy, the benefits are endless, and yet it’s hard to find the motivation sometimes. If you want to be a healthy, happy, person, exercise is vital. The good thing is that there are a lot of different ways out there to get your daily dose of endorphins!

Today, I’m going to share the things that work best for me to get motivated and actually go to the gym. Personally, I try to workout 3-4 times a week. I have a pretty busy schedule most of the time, so more than that might not be realistic for me. I try to do a different class every week, apart from the regular cardio/weights routine. I really enjoy boxing, kick-boxing, spinning, and the occasional zumba/cardio-dance class, although those are a bit embarrassing for me because I can’t dance to save my life.


First, let me share of my favorite workout clothes! (I don’t have photos wearing most of these but for future posts I’ll make sure I share try-on pictures when it comes to clothes.)

At least personally, a good workout outfit can make me super motivated to go to the gym. First off, a good pair of leggings is essential. If you can, I recommend investing in a few of good quality leggings, instead of a a lot of cheap ones. The fit and texture make all the difference. My favorites are:

These are incredible. It literally feels like you’re not wearing pants, lol. They are so soft, and super flattering. I have them in black, and they’re not as short on me as in the picture, since I am pretty short myself, but I love the way they fit. Definitely a staple.

I am wearing them here! Favorite leggings ever, no doubt in my mind.    Here are some other basic leggings that are really good imo:

I am wearing them here! Favorite leggings ever, no doubt in my mind.

Here are some other basic leggings that are really good imo:

Other, more colorful leggings:

These are super cute, I love the pastel colors. They come in several variations!

Now, for some of my favorite Sport Bras! Personally, I need them to be pretty high impact, since I like jumping around at the gym and my boobs are not small (as much I as wish they were tbh haha).

Favorite right now:

Great support, simple style, comfortable, literally can’t find anything wrong with it.

Love the simple design and how comfortable it is.

As for shirts, I’m mostly into comfy, loose fitting t-shirts for working out.

Some of my picks:

Sneakers! Quality vs Quantity, always. I own a couple of gym sneakers and I don’t need any more, since they’re great!

These are seriously so comfortable, they’re like walking on a cloud! Super light-weight, which is great for running, if you’re into that.

They go with everything, comfortable af and super cute!

As for headphones, I need them to be Bluetooth, since I can’t deal with all those cables getting in my way. These are the ones I’ve been using for the past year and a half or so and they’re pretty great:

The battery lasts over a week and they never fall off your ears, plus they’re really affordable!

Gym bag pick:

It’s so pretty! I’m obsessed with the color.


Now, for my workout playlist! I try to keep it pretty updated and to add new music every week. You’re welcome to follow me on Spotify to keep checking it out.
When it comes to working out, I like the songs to be motivating. If a song talks about overcoming hardships while being really upbeat, it’s got me hooked.
For example, I’m still not over “Never Give Up” by Sia. It gets me going every time!

Here is the playlist:

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!  And remember, always set out your workout bag the night before, this helps me a lot, since I’m always running around in the morning and I’m sure I would forget!